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Foreword by Tony Buzan
Chapter 1: Mental Leverage
Not all thoughts are created equal. How to get the most bang for your mental buck by making decisions at the highest level of conceptual understanding.

Chapter 2: The Solutions Approach to Capacity Enhancement
The mobilization of untapped brain power begins when you give yourself a reason to do so. Awareness of information is dependent upon the context we create in which to apply it. Solving problems increases specialized knowledge, skill and self-confidence which combine to enhance capacity. This increased capacity for effective action changes the way we see the world.

Chapter 3: High Bandwidth Self-Communication
Once you have defined a problem and have a clear idea of how you would like it resolved, the next step is to convey that information to that vast mental resevior called your subconscious mind. Self-communication is the process of directing your subconscious mind, and you know you are self-communicating effectively when your actions are moving you closer to your desired outcome.

Chapter 4: Synergistic Dialogue
Something special happens to our thinking when two or more people discuss an issue they care about. Something that increases our ability to tap into a much broader pool of ideas than we can access on our own.

Chapter 5: Synergistic Oscillation
Nature is riddled with opposites and our minds are no exception. Creativity is enhanced when complimentary opposite thinking styles are employed.

Chapter 6: Going Meta
"Meta" means above, so I use the phrase "going meta" to describe the process of rising above the details in order to look at the big picture, and also to traverse the structure of our thoughts in order to optimize key mental processes.

Chapter 7: Mastering the Ultmate Information Appliance
The computer is to our mind what the car is to our legs, the phone is to our ears and the TV is to our eyes--it amplifies our capacity to interact with information. This chapter describes how the techniques presented in the first six chapters can be applied to learn software faster.

Chapter 8: Optimizing Mental Clarity Every technique presented in this book requires energy both to understand and to apply. Techniques are presented which increase personal energy levels and have the side benefit of increasing mental clarity.

Chapter 9: Personal Ecology
Efforts to mobilize untapped intellectual resources are most effective within the context of a balanced lifestyle.