Mind Maps® and Active Reading

The process of creating a Mind Map promotes active reading and encourages you to think about the structure of the information being read. When completed, Mind Maps facilitate quick reviews.

Oftentimes the most valuable aspect of drawing a Mind Map is the impact the process has on your understanding and memory of the material. It doesn't matter so much what it looks like on paper as much as what went on in your head while you were drawing it. There are often useful ideas contained in the way the ideas relate to each other, which are not apparent when the ideas are viewed sequentially. The more information you try to put on the page, the harder it becomes to locate any particular idea. Mind Maps are often best used as a gestalt tools.

Creating a bunch of Mind Maps poses a problem: what do you do with Mind Maps when you're done? At work they can be stored in the related project folder. At home they can go in your journal or in the book on which they are based.

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