The idea of "keywords" is a fundamental concept in Mind Mapping® and has broad implications for other mental processes. Consider the following sentence:

While computers have come a long way and had a
dramatic impact on society, the potential of
multimedia and the internet offer strong evidence
that the computer revolution has really just begun.

The key ideas in this sentence are expressed by the words shown in bold. They are most memorable and contain the essence of the sentence. The remaining words are merely grammatical constructions and emphasis. They are not necessary for recall. In Mind Map form, this sentence looks as follows:

When creating a Mind Map for communicating ideas to others, I sometimes add a few extra words to increase precision. The same words often trigger different memories for different people. Another alternative is to deliver the Mind Map along with a verbal overview, giving the receiver a chance to annotate the drawing as needed for precise recall.

When Mind Mapping a book you are reading, the keywords you select to include on your drawing depend upon your reading objectives. Different objectives often result in different Mind Maps. For example, a entire branch that I might include may be irrelevant to your situation. Use the space on the page to record ideas that you want to transfer to long term memory during your periodic review sessions (discussed in memory section).

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