Other MetaLearning Resources

Chapter 6 of Brain Dancing expands on the material presented in this handbook. The following books offer excellent information for further researching this topic:
  1. Use Both Sides of Your Brain, by Tony Buzan
  2. The Mind Map Book, by Tony Buzan
  3. Accelerated Learning, by Colin Rose
  4. Mastering the Information Age, by Michael J. McCarthy
  5. What a Great Idea, by Charles Thompson
  6. Remember Everything You Read: The 7 Day Evelyn Wood Speed Reading Program , by Stanley D. Frank
  7. The Brain Book, by Peter Russell
  8. Study Skills Checklist , by Virginia Tech
  9. Focusing on how students study , by Indiana University Bloomington
  10. 100 Self-Help & Study Skills for Students with ADD , by Jack Milgram
  11. SLEEPLESS AT STANFORD : What All Undergraduates Should Know About How Their Sleeping Lives Affect Their Waking Lives
  12. Dr. James B. Maas -Power Sleep and Peak Performance

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