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Brain Dancing will help you work smarter using a better understanding of your brain to:

  1. boost your creativity
  2. learn faster
  3. manage information more effectively
"In his work for Microsoft, Pat has demonstrated time and again his ability to acquire and synthesize large volumes of information quickly and translate that learning into valued contributions." – George Snelling, Microsoft

"I was impressed with the great amount of useful information...It helped me and I am sure I will be better for having read your book." – Terrance J. McCann, Executive Director, Toastmasters International

"Brain Dancing is a diamond. Patrick Magee has completed the arduous job of prospecting, digging, sorting, cutting, and polishing for you. When you apply the concepts and techniques in this gem of a book, your productivity and enjoyment of life will glisten." – Kirk VandenBerghe, Consultant, Guide, Writer & NLP Trainer

"Your book is obviously well-researched and you have a bright, lively writing style that makes it fun to read...The health chapter was wonderful." – Pam Murray, author of The New Success: How to Redefine, Create and Survive Your Own Success

Patrick Magee is the author of StartGen, the top-rated software for building what ZDNet ( calls "the ultimate browser start page," and the Brain Dancing Coach software, which places Brain Dancing ideas at your fingertips when working on a computer. Magee worked for ten years as a microcomputer consultant helping businesses such as Boeing and Weyerhaeuser implement microcomputer technology. He then worked for Microsoft for three years as an independent contractor before founding Inc. Magee earned a BA degree in accounting from Western Washington University, cum laude.

Other Book Information (Revised Edition)

Number of pages: 304
Cover: Paperback
Binding: Perfect
Dimensions: 8 3/8 inches high by 5 3/8 inches wide
Paper: Recycled 60 pound white
ISBN: 0-9646260-2-0
Library of Congress: 96-094115
Price: US: $19.95, CN: $26.95
Other: Includes a detailed index, extensive bibliography and over 50 figures.

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