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QuickLaunch Products

Our QuickLaunch products are designed to streamline production operations
by providing quick access to information in frequently used LOB systems.
Compatible with all versions of Windows.



  • Browser Start Page Generator
  • Original version shipped in 1996
  • Cloud hosted option for HTML5 mobile ready version of your start page
  • Optimize web access from any device
  • Search multiple sites from a single start page
  • Desktop browser can open multiple related web pages in one window with one click
  • Free trial download
  • Video Overview
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  • Designed for production environments with repetitive access to LOB sites and data
  • Simplified UI hides complexity
  • Streamline information access
  • Find menu options quickly by keystroke
  • Task switch faster
  • Sql data-driven menu options
  • Free trial download
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  • Lightweight quick launcher. Runs only when you need it to minimize memory usage
  • No keyboard intercepts. System tray option available
  • Integrates with SmartKB enterprise SQL Server knowledge base
  • Silent install option for automated deployment
  • .Net Frameword 3.5 and 4.6 versions available for simplified installs
  • Video Overview
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QuickFind Products

Our QuickFind products are designed to boost an organizations information metabolism via a shared knowledge base stored internally (SmartMenu) or in Azure (blinkIt) for quick access by internal teams (SmartMenu) or external / distributed teams (blinkIt).

SmartMenu Enterprise

$48/ Seat

  • For internal authenticated access only
  • All data stored behind firewall
  • Automated menuset delivery
  • Integrated SQL Server database repository hosted on premise or in
  • SQL Server database hosted on premise or in Azure
  • Share items with team or company-wide
  • Integrated knowledge base



  • For mobile access via Azure hosted web site or native mobile app
  • All data stored securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Azure hosted RESTful web API's available for customized app development
  • Share links, code snippets or notes with distributed global teams or publicly
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BlinkIt Mobile App


  • Support for IOS 8.3+ and Android devices
  • Native applications load and run quickly
  • Save up to 100 items included in app purchase
  • Save key informaton once, access anywhere
  • File and forget. Find by keyword when needed
  • Highly secure Azure based cloud repository

Information Systems Consulting Services

Over 20 years experience helping organizations from startups to Fortune 50 companies improve productivity through custom software development. Partial list of clients below.

Cloud Migration

Specializing in migrating data to Azure SQL and Cosmos DB and .Net Core backend web services

SQL Server Database Systems

Over 20 years experience designing and implementing SQL Server databases and dashboards.

Machine Learning

Custom solutions in Python and R that help you turn big data into actionable information.

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