Brain Dancing for Students

A MetaLearning Handbook

MetaLearning, or learning how to learn, involves optimizing the mental processes performed frequently while learning. Most people will spend about 100 hours during their lifetime just tying their shoes. Imagine how much time we will spend reading, remembering and learning! Doesn't it make sense to invest some time today towards optimizing the strategies you use to perform these activities? It is one thing to read a book on a specific topic, and quite another to read something that improves the effectiveness with which you learn any topic from that point forward.

Introduction to Mind Mapping® : Learn a note-taking technique that can also be used to enhance the creative writing process.

How to improve reading skills : Learn how to optimize eye movements when reading, how to read more selectively and at multiple speeds.

How to improve your memory : Learn how to transfer more information to long term memory (the place where your phone# is stored), how developing your imagination can improve your memory, and an efficient review strategy that combines multiple metalearning techniques.

How to improve learning skills : Various distinctions that can increase learning effectiveness, where learning is defined as the enhancement of capacity for effective action.

Other metalearning references : A list of metalearning books worth reading.

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