MemZee Memory App

Remember Numbers

  • MemZee was originally developed as an interactive web app in 1998 to help Brain Dancing readers increase the number of words they take in at a single glance when reading.
  • This mobile app is a much improved version that you can play on multiple devices to help you remember numbers at a glance.
  • Encourages concentration. This is the primary way the top scores (and trophies) can be earned.


  • Use MemZee's "Custom" mode to enter and practice recalling numbers you use frequently such as new addresses, or phone numbers
  • Periodic Practice recalling numbers will help transfer them from short term to long term memory.

Multiple Devices

  • Currently runs on iphones, ipods, and ipads running iOS 8.1 or later)


"My 12 year old used this feature to memorize the first 40 digits of Pi."