PowerNapp Mobile App

Available now on Google Play Store and on Itunes here as of 10/20/2017.

Boost Productivity

  • Learn the 6 key principles behind effective power naps
  • Not following even one of these principles is enough to completely wipe out the productivity enhancing benefits of power naps.
  • Is it really possible to wake up after a 10 minute nap feeling like you just had a full nights sleep?

Without Disrupting Nightly Slep

  • Following these principles reduces the chances of disrupting your ability to fall asleep and get a solid sleep at night.
  • Learn why Google's nap pods aren't the most effective napping options.
  • If you don't use the ocean background during your naps, you can also use it for drowning out unwanted ambient noise at work, or to help you get to sleep at night with the silent shutoff option.

Optional Ocean Wave Background

  • For those that need to block out ambient noise, an option is provided for playing a high quality recording of ocean waves.
  • Recording made on one of the most remote beaches in the contenental United States. Think of it as a 10 minute song created by nature to help you relax.
  • Produced in stereo at 44.100Hz 196k Bits/Second to ensure the highest quality sound reproduction.

The full PowerNapp mobile app is available in the free download. The in-app purchase is optional, and provides detailed guidance on how to take effective power naps based on extensive research and decades of personal experimentation and refinement.

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