® Newsletter, Profound Knowledge's Profound Knowledge newsletter focuses on ideas that can profoundly impact our daily lives if we take the time to discover and apply them. What might be useful to one person may be irrelevant to others, so we try to pick ideas likely to be useful to any lifelong learner. We hope this newsletter will encourage your search for other highly useful ideas to embrace the powerful impact an increased information metabolism can have on our life, as long as it is pursued within the context of a balanced lifestye.

Dec, 2012 The Plasma Ball Metaphor, Math Learning and Motivation, Excercise - How many ways does it have to be written - Just do it!, Food and Drinks Engineered to Get You Addicted to Them
Dec, 2011 The Brain Dancing Journey, Peanut Butter Sandwiches - An Odyssey, The Diet That Shook Up Tennis - The gluten wave has only just begun, Scientists Say Bacterial Ecosystems Divide People Into 3 Groups - Gut Microbes Enter the Scene, Can You Exercise Too Much?
February, 1999 Useful MetaQuestions, Update to Eat Right for Your Blood Type Article, Concentration of Power, State Management at Your Desk, Notes from discussions with a Yoga Master, High-level Bookstore Scan, Cool Links: Let's Talk Business Radio, Anthony Robbins Chat, Edgar Guest Writings, The Memory Page.,
November, 1998 Love and Food Metabolism, Unique Perspectives on Problem Solving, Working with Emotional Intelligence, by Daniel Goleman, The Mechanics of Visual Perception, Life Lessons from Solitaire, John Gray on Optimizing the Dating Process, Notes from The Pursuit of Excellence Seminar, Cool Products - Lemon Water and Dry Skin Brushing.
August, 1998 Brainstorming Tip: Hold an Imaginary Meeting With People You Admire , Information Management Tips , Eat Right For Your Blood Type , Cool Product - Tea Tree Oil , Cool Links .
April, 1998 Emotional Intelligence , Power Sleeping and Body Clocks , Cool Products : (LifeCycle Heart Rate Monitor and Stevia), Cool Links : (PE Newsletter, Cecilia Audio Clips),
November, 1997 Brain Longevity , Food, Nutrition and the Prevention of Cancer , Tribute to Viktor Frankl , Law of Increasing Returns , Cool Links: Michael Jordan Article, Dr. John McDougall takes on the Zone diet, Bits & Pieces Archive
April, 1997 First Annual Mind Sports Olympiad , Overview of Brain Dancing Strategies , Building Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem , My 6 Favorite Self-Development Books , Cool Links: Covert Bailey's Online Database
March, 1997 Speech Memorization Strategy , Air Quality and Mental Clarity (no longer available), Creativity and Water: Is there a connection? Cool Products: Kitchen Timer, Juiceman Juicer, Neurofeedback technology
February, 1997 Making the Most of the Internet Information Ocean , Stress and Adaptive Energy , Q&A on the Creative Process , Cool Articles: Olson .
January, 1997 The Brain Dancing Approach to Goal Setting (No longer available), The Shopping List of a Health Fanatic (No longer available), Getting the 'ah' out of Your Public Speaking , Cool Products: Gingko, Dr. Weil's Database
December, 1996 Optimizing Internet Processes , Increase Your Reading Speed by Quieting Subvocalization , Public Speaking Tips , Some of my favorite clean jokes , Cool Articles: Kirby, Dilts, Pike
October, 1996 Mobilizing Untapped Brain Power , Elaboration on Applying NLP Distinctions , Developing a Personalized Shorthand System , Nutrition Notes from Brenda Davis Seminar , Alternative Reading Strategies , Breath in Your Successes , Cool Articles: Thompson, NakaMats, Bennis, Ferguson.
September, 1996 Exercise your eye muscles , Mental Rest , Applying NLP Distinctions , 10 Minute Power Naps (no longer available), Cool Articles: Gardner, Bennis, Covey, Garfield, Juran .
August, 96 Our thinking is state bound , Why clarity is power , The key to weight loss. Internet Surfing Chair , Amazing Music , Cool Articles: Senge, Buzan

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