® Newsletter, December, 2012

The Plasma Ball Metaphor

Without a clear purpose or goal to focus on, our thoughts scatter like the rays in this plasma ball, bouncing around to whatever happens to catch our attention. When a finger is placed on the top of this plasma ball, the energy is focus like a laser toward that point. The same thing happens in your mind when you find a cause that you deeply care about.

The Success Indicator

The Success Indicator (Infographic") is something I found on Facebook recently that provides a useful summary of the distinctions between effective and ineffective behavior.

Math Learning and Motivation

Studying math, especially calculus, was a great opportunity to build mental discipline and conceptual problem solving skills at an early age. It is why I pay particular interest to articles like this one on MSNBC's web site. Like math? Thank your motivation, not your IQ Study suggests hard work, not natural talent, is key to improving math skills.

Excercise - How many ways does it have to be written - Just do it!

Excercise and the ever smarter human brain. I know how hard it is to find the time, to muster the energy, to get started when every part of your body is telling you not to. In those times I start small; even if it means walking on a treadmill for 2 minutes and stopping for the day. The next day I will be able to do 4 minutes, then 6, etc. Before long I'm rolling along again wondering why I ever stopped. This has been tougher with my recent knee surgeries, but someone recently suggested walking on the treadmill with the incline at the max. This is a low impact aerobic workout that doesn't rattle the house in the wee hours when noise is a factor. Here's another article on this How exercise fuels the brain.

Food and Drinks Engineered to Get You Addicted to Them

The Strange Reason Diet Soda Makes You Fat. Protecting your blood sugar management system has got to be high on your list of health priorities, and there's no faster way to screw it up than with sugar loaded soda's. Diet soda's, as explained in this article aren't the answer. Have you heard of Stevia? Just 2 drops in a glass of chilled water are a great way to go. Another great drink is to juice a lemon using one of these citrus juicers and keeping it chilled in the fridge. Remember to rinse your mouse with plan water afterwards. The fresh lemon juice is akaline in your stomach but acidic in your mouth, which can mess up your teeth.

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