SmartMenu is, and will continue to be for many years, an integral part of our Box deployment.

Peter Henley, CIO, Clark Nuber PS, Bellevue, WA

Fast Track

  • If you have a set of 50 sites, tools and/or folders you use frequently, SmartMenu will save you time and mental energy each time you reach for one of these items.
  • Have you noticed that Windows searches your music, videos, basically everything on your computer when you start typing in the start menu. SmartMenu allows you to define exactly what is searched. For example, you can add a frequently used folder and check the box to automatically search as you type in SmartMenu's universal search box. Subfolders can be searched as well. The purpose is not to search the content, just the file names.

Find things faster

  • Being able to jump to specific data, such as an order number, project number, or bug id from SmartMenu is so much faster, you will wonder why you haven't been using it all along.
  • SmartMenu supports four search types. Any web site or web app that includes the search criteria in the url after a search can be accessed directly from SmartMenu. The more often you search a line of business web site or knowledge base, the more time you will save by launching the search directly from SmartMenu!.
  • Want to search 4 sites at once? Add Amazon, Craigslist, Ebay and Priceline (for example) searches to a parent item, right click on the parent item in your start menu. It will ask you for one search criteria and apply it to all sites in that parent item.

Task switch faster

  • Do you get interupted during the day or need to switch tasks frequently? Being able to open all files, folders and links associated with each task means you can close things down each time you task switch, so you don't end up with a gazillion windows open on your desktop.
  • The Windows SmartMenu is organized around programs, not files. If you often use multiple files in many different programs when you work on a task or project, consider adding a menu group to your SmartMenu that will open them all with a couple clicks.
  • Do you have a set of web pages you use when in certain "modes"? Place them in a menu group and open them all at once or in "task" mode by right-clicking the parent item and selectnig "Open all" or "Task Mode".