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"StartGen's data-driven quick launch menu provided briefing managers quick access to the briefings they were in the process of managing."
Member of Microsoft Executive Briefing Technology Team
"StartGenā€™s integrated search forms allowed us to quickly search bug, support ticket and other repositories used frequently throughout the day from a single integrated quick launch menu."
Member of Microsoft SQL Server Software Engineering Team
StartGen Pricing


StartGen Mobile


  • Simple HTML5 Hosted web client compatible with most modern mobile browsers
  • Simplifies transfer of menusets to other devices
  • Easily share published menusets with others via text messag
  • Acccess a multitude of internal and external LOB search engines from a single launch point
  • Use a consistent set of launch items across all devices
  • Click here to download fully funcational StartGen trial. Free for personal use.

StartGen Enterprise


  • Includes integrated database for menuset sharing
  • Database can also be used for information sharing
  • Data stored behind firewall for internal access only
  • All menutypes can be stored: links, notes, checklists, sql scripts for dynamic menu generation, code snippets and even entire menusets
  • License is perpetual, and includes one year of support

StartGen is the predecessor to SmartMenu, and offers very similar functionality. Some prefer this UI over SmartMenu, so we are continuing to make it available. Specically, the primary search box is shown together with the start menu, whereas SmartMenu shows them separately to encourage using keystrokes to local menu items instead of navigating the start menu hierarchy. In addition, StartGen's menu designer allows for more convenient editing of menu items. SmartMenu's Enterprise version is much more advanced.

Sample Mobile Start Page App

Key features:

  • Create a mobile start page app in minutes using StartGen. Click the screen shot to see this sample mobile start page app in action.
  • You can create start page apps for personal use and / or share with others via text message, email or Tweet.
  • Drag and drop mobile start pages published by others onto the StartGen designer to import all or some of the items from these samples.
  • When you download and install StartGen Standard, it includes a free 30 day trial of the mobile hosting service we provide to make these start pages accessible from your mobile devices. To continue using this service after the 30 day free trial, the cost is $24/year

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StartGen received certification from the Association of Software Professionals on 10/15/2015